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Traditional children’s toys from around the world

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With so many toys on the market these days, it can be hard to keep up with what is popular and what has gone out of fashion. Toys like games consoles and the latest TV trend can go in and out of popularity, but there are some more traditional toys that remain popular the world over.

One popular toy, originating from Russia, is the Russian doll. This particular doll is usually made of wood, and features one large doll with a number of small dolls inside her, all fitting inside each other. While the idea of the doll is very traditional, the idea has since been reworked for more modern children, featuring film characters painted on the dolls such as Disney’s The Nightmare before Christmas, Star Wars and Batman.

Another popular traditional toy is the hula hoop. Originally rolled along the ground with the help of a stick, the hula hoop is now mostly used by swinging it around the user’s hips. To begin with the hula hoop was made out of wood, but is now typically made out of hollow plastic, as it is easier to swing it.

A traditional toy that is still popular today amongst young children is the jack in the box. This toy traditionally features a small toy clown hidden inside a box with a crank handle. When the handle is wound up a song plays, usually Pop Goes the Weasel, and the small clown pops out at the end of the song. This has also stood the test of time because the character that pops out of the box could be changed to anything, from Disney characters to music personalities.

A final toy that has most definitely stood the test of time is the yo-yo. The yo-yo had a massive resurge in popularity in the 90s, but has remained popular ever since. A yo-yo can be made out of wood, metal or plastic and can feature a number of designs. Following the rise in popularity in the 90s, specialised trick yo-yos have become more popular, allowing the user to perform a series of impressive tricks using the yo-yo.

While some children’s toys have disappeared as soon as they appeared, there are some that have a little more staying power. Toys like the yo-yo and the hula hoop have been happily played with for generations, and are no doubt going to remain as popular for generation to come.

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