Warning: The following information is ONLY for parents who want to accelerate their baby's intellectual, physical and emotional development through the time-honored art of babywearing. This method is NOT for those who intend to let their babies "cry-it-out".

"How A Struggling First-Time Parent
Stumbled Upon An Ancient Secret That
Not Only Soothed Her Fussy Baby,
But Also Dramatically Improved Her Child's Attention Span And Language Development -- Quickly And Easily!"

Rebecca Wolf, Author of Thriving Babies

From: Rebecca Wolf

Does the sound of a crying baby make you cringe?

Do you want to give your child the most nurturing environment possible so your baby can grow and thrive as they become an intelligent and caring adult?

Do you want to be the best parent you can be for your infant, but find yourself struggling to balance a newborn's needs with cooking and cleaning and taking care of yourself and the rest of your family?

There IS A Better Way To Respond To
Your Baby's Signals For Closeness --
Without Resorting To Harsh
"Cry-It-Out" Methods.

Babywearing, or the art of using a cloth baby carrier, has been around for centuries. Many parents in Africa, China, Japan and Central and South America STILL rely on the use of baby carriers to help them balance work while remaining in constant contact with their baby and responding to their physical needs to nurse, sleep and cuddle throughout the day.

Learn The Simple, But Powerful Way
To Meet Your Everyday Needs
And STILL Be A Good Parent.

Using a baby carrier:
  • Helps you comfort and hold your baby WITHOUT fatigue

  • Allows you to have BOTH hands-free so you can help the rest of your family without leaving your infant alone to cry.

  • Is easy to use, once you learn how.

  • Soothes your fussy baby.
  • Is less expensive than hiring a full-time maid!

So, How Do I Know So Much
About Babywearing Research
And How To Use Baby Carriers?

From "The School of Hard Knocks"!

My name is Rebecca Wolf and I am the lucky mother of a beautiful girl born in July 2003 (and another one arriving in May 2007). But I didn’t always feel so lucky. The first three weeks of being a parent were the most exhausting and stressful weeks of my life.  I was overtired and overemotional. I cried every single day because l was so utterly unprepared for life with a baby. I vividly remember crying one afternoon because we ran out of bread!

When we came home from the hospital, my husband had to run the household because I was recovering from an unexpected c-section. Our first week home was an absolute nightmare. Dishes were piled up, the trash was overflowing, we had run out of groceries, and our families lived far away, unable to help us. To top it all off, we were constantly in tears because we were sleep-deprived and didn't know how to soothe our baby, who had day/night confusion.

Learning how to use a simple baby carrier allowed my husband to:
  • Make the meals
  • Do the dishes
  • Empty the trash
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Do the laundry
  • Give me the rest I needed, and
  • Soothe our daughter when she got fussy at night, without ever leaving her side!
My Husband Went From Being:
Overwhelmed, Exhausted, and Out-of-control,
to Holding Down a House
and a Newborn Single-handedly.

When my husband eventually returned to his job, our baby carrier gave me the two-handed freedom I needed to take care of myself -- without putting my baby down! I even got dinner on the table a few nights a week.

The interesting thing was, not only did I feel closer to my baby, but I could start to predict when she “needed” to be carried.  Her movements became more erratic and if I didn’t pick her up right away, she would start to whine and eventually cry. The baby sling helped my daughter to organize her behavior and allowed her to focus. This increased attention and calmness, called the "quiet alert phase" is VITAL to a baby's physical growth and intellectual development, especially language learning.

This Babywearing Stuff Was Pretty Amazing –
It Gave Me Newfound Freedom AND
It Improved My Baby's Ability to Focus and Learn!

After several months of research, trial, and (lots of) error, I had learned:
  • How to make practically any baby carrier I read about,
  • What the scientifically researched benefits of babywearing are,
  • How to use each carrier quickly and in a variety of positions, 
  • Which baby carriers were the best to nurse discreetly in, and
  • The life-changing effects babywearing has had on myself and my own child. 
I watched the amazing progress my daughter made in language, behavior, and physical growth. Babywearing also created a very special bond between us, that has helped my daughter grow into a confident and secure little girl that I cherish. It's one thing to READ the babywearing research, and quite another to EXPERIENCE the power of this parenting approach firsthand.

Naturally, I started to share this knowledge with other friends and family members who were expecting babies.

My Family and Friends All LOVED the Insider Secrets
I Gave Them About How to Choose, Find and
Use Baby Carriers Quickly and Inexpensively!

So, with a lot of prodding from my loved ones, I finally decided to share this treasure trove of baby sling and carrier information I had collected over the past few years, so you wouldn't have to go through the steep learning curve that I did!

Discover How Easy It is To Use Pouches,
Ring Slings and Short Wraps in
Thriving Babies, Section One

Excerpted from the Complete Thriving Babies Manual 

Thriving Babies
Section One

How To Use Pouches, Ring Slings and Short Wraps/Rebozos

by Rebecca Wolf

This step-by-step guide has over 144 pages to walk you through how to choose, find, and use the baby pouches, ring slings, and short wraps that best meet your body type and your baby’s needs.

I share my honest, no-holds-barred, in-depth reviews of the main carrier styles, including which namebrands are the most:
  • comfortable, 
  • versatile, 
  • easy-to-use, 
  • compact, 
  • good for breastfeeding, and 
  • least expensive
I even provide a quick overview chart for fast reference, as well as the nitty gritty pros and cons!

"I've never seen such clear instructions and photos."

"Thank you for your thorough, detailed book.

I have done a TON of online research looking for the best options for wearing our new son, but I've never seen such clear instructions and photos.

And with all of the links and references, we now have a single reference when we decide to purchase our next carrier.

Thank you!"

-- Brad H.

Sit back and relax, as I guide you through:

  • How to use any carrier instantly with over 100 STEP-BY-STEP photos and detailed instructions.

  • Which positions are safe to use depending on YOUR baby’s muscle control and your baby's age.
  • How to position your baby on your front, hip or back – all by yourself!  

  • How to perform a safety check on your carrier and which ones have been recalled.
  • Several methods for achieving each carrying hold.

  • Where to find other babywearing support groups, classes and playgroups in your area.
  • Specific positions to help soothe infants with reflux/GERD and even colic.

  • How to SAFELY use your baby carrier (and the research studies that support it).

This one-of-a-kind manual is instantly downloadable, so you can become a babywearing expert right away.

"...Has Even My Husband Excited
About Babywearing!"

Dear Rebecca,

"Thank you so much for your Thriving Babies manual.

It is so great to have printable instructions for
just about every type of carrier.

I love knowing how a carrier works before I've even seen one.

Now of course I have to go get one of each type so I can try them myself!

Thanks again for creating such an easy to understand guide that has even my husband excited about babywearing!"


-- Sam R.

You are about to save yourself $$$ too by learning:
  • How to make your own carriers and slings with online directions and resources

  • Where to get carriers and slings custom-made to your exact specifications for LESS than namebrand prices

  • Which carriers are right for you by taking a helpful (and fun) Babywearing 101 Quiz 
You will refer to this comprehensive guide on how to buy, make and use baby carriers AGAIN and AGAIN -- it's like having a babywearing class in your own living room!

Here's a Quick Overview
of the Main Chapters in this Manual --
with Over 140 Pages Packed with
Step-by-step Photos and Instructions
to Help You Become a Babywearing Pro
Quickly and Easily

Table of Contents (Abridged)
from the Thriving Babies Manual

Chapter 1: Our Babywearing Journey.......................................9
Chapter 2: The Benefits of Babywearing..................................13
Chapter 3: How to Choose the Right Baby Carrier.....................26
Chapter 4: How to Safely Use Your Baby Carrier......................29
Chapter 5: An Overview of Carrying Holds/Ability Requirements..36
Chapter 6: Carrier Categories................................................41
Chapter 7: Review Criteria....................................................47
Chapter 8: Pouches.............................................................48
Chapter 9: Ring Slings.........................................................69
Chapter 10: Short Wraps and Rebozos...................................109
Chapter 11: Frugal Tips for Buying Carriers............................124
Chapter 12: Jen Rose’s How to Make a Baby Sling from a                                Bedsheet.........................................................127
Chapter 13: Other Helpful Resources.....................................129
Chapter 14: Frequently Asked Questions................................141

Please Note: 
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threading tail through both rings  Threading through second ring  Pulling tail through ring sling  Spreading the ring sling tail
As the saying goes,
"A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words"!

The step-by-step photos and detailed instructions in this book were designed to show you how to use every style of baby carrier in many different positions to ensure 
your comfort and flexibility. 

"One of the best book purchases
a new parent can make."

"For a truly comprehensive look at babywearing and the difference it can make in your life, I highly recommend Rebecca Wolf's ebook, "Thriving Babies". . . 

Having read through it, I think it's one of the
book purchases 
a new parent can make. 

She reviews the various different styles of carriers, gives great photographed directions for using all of them, and the book is full of helpful tips. 

If you're new to babywearing, GO GET IT! 

(This is not a paid endorsement -- I really think it's great.)” 
   - Jan Andrea

If You Love The Idea Of Carrying Your Baby,
Start The Smart Way With The Thriving Babies Guide!

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And I’m fully protected by your
money back guarantee

Andrew, Arianna and Rebecca

Best wishes to you and your precious baby as you embark on the magical journey of babywearing,

P.S.  After reading this letter, you already know how babywearing can help your child become a smarter, more confident, and caring adult -- and that these benefits will last your child a LIFETIME.  

P.P.S. Invest in your own education FIRST because you are the most important teacher your child will ever have. 

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Baby carrier and sling e-book 100% satisfaction guarantee

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I have spent months preparing this manual
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about baby carriers over the past several years.

Take your time: read the research, check out the comprehensive reviews, find the baby carrier that's right for YOU, then master the carrier instructions.

If after 8 weeks, you feel like you haven’t gotten 3 times your value from reading this manual, please contact me and I will send you a

No questions asked!

So What Are You Waiting For?
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